Personal Details

Name: YATES, Edward Abraham
Convict Number(s): 8470
Year of Birth: 1839
Date of Death: 29/11/1910
Place of Death: Maylands, WA.
Cause of Death:

Arrival Details

Ship Arrived on: Racehorse
Ship Arrival Year: 1865

Tickets and Pardons

Ticket of Leave

Date: 09/06/1867

Conditional Pardon


Certificate of Freedom

Date: 17/09/1872
Location: Bunbury, WA.

British Details

Relationship Status: Single
Number of Children:
Occupation: Labourer/Soldier
Literacy: Literate
Religion: Protestant
Place of Conviction: London, Ontario, Canada.
Details of Crime: Court Martial - Desertion/Striking Superior Officer. Sentenced to 10 years Transportation.

Western Australia Work Details

Western Australia Work Locations: Bunbury, Wellington.
Employment Types: General Servant.

Western Australian Re-Convictions


Details of Crime


Additional Information

Fought in the Crimean War from 1855 with the 63rd Regiment of Foot, including taking part in the Seige of Sebastopol. Prior to being transported to Australia, YATES was held for some time in Millbank, Pentonville & Chatham Prisons, in England. Married Margaret CONNELLY at Picton on 22/10/1868. ( Refer WABI Cards ). Thanks to Fiona CARROLL ( Great Great Granddaughter ) for supplying additional information.