Personal Details

Name: WITCHELL, John
Convict Number(s): 1595
Year of Birth: 1819
Date of Death: 31/12/1885
Place of Death: Pinjarrah Park, WA.
Cause of Death: Natural Causes.

Arrival Details

Ship Arrived on: Dudbrook
Ship Arrival Year: 1853

Tickets and Pardons

Ticket of Leave

Date: 29/12/1853
Location: Bunbury, WA.

Conditional Pardon

Date: 15/11/1856
Location: Bunbury, WA.

Certificate of Freedom


British Details

Relationship Status: Single
Number of Children:
Occupation: Carpenter
Literacy: Illiterate
Place of Conviction: Wiltshire, England.
Details of Crime: Horse Stealing. Noted Previous Convictions. Sentenced to 10 years Transportation.

Western Australia Work Details

Western Australia Work Locations: Australind, Bunbury, Perth, Pinjarra.
Employment Types: Gardener, Viticulturalist, Clearing Land.

Western Australian Re-Convictions


Details of Crime


Additional Information

Refer Marshall Waller CLIFTON Journals, Australind, WA. Employed by CLIFTON from 12/11/1856 for a period of more than four ( 4 ) years. After CLIFTON's Death, he transferred to Pinjarrah Park, Pinjarra, WA , where he spent another twenty-one ( 21 ) years, from 1863 , establishing and maintaining the spectacular Gardens of owner Captain Theodore FAWCETT, until his death. Refer INQUIRER Newspaper dated 7 January, 1885. This Convict is incorrectly recorded as MITCHELL, John on the " Dudbrook " Shipping List, the Fremantle Prison Website, the Bicentennial Dictionary of Western Australians ( P. 2183 ) and the book " Convicts in Western Australia 1850-1887 by ERICKSON & O'MARA. Refer to Convict Biography by Irma WALTER on website - Harvey History Online.