Personal Details

Name: WARBURTON, Robert
Convict Number(s): 9340
Year of Birth: 1839
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Cause of Death:

Arrival Details

Ship Arrived on: Corona
Ship Arrival Year: 1866

Tickets and Pardons

Ticket of Leave

Date: 22/06/1867

Conditional Pardon

Date: CR- 1869.

Certificate of Freedom

Date: 11/03/1870
Location: Swan.

British Details

Relationship Status: Single
Number of Children:
Occupation: Labourer
Literacy: Literate
Religion: Protestant
Place of Conviction: Newcastle on Tyne, England.
Details of Crime: Received Stolen Property. Noted Previous Conviction. Sentenced to 7 years Transportation.

Western Australia Work Details

Western Australia Work Locations: Swan, Wellington.
Employment Types: General Servant.

Western Australian Re-Convictions


Details of Crime


Additional Information

Refer Police Gazette May 1877. Went to Port Augusta, South Australia, on 30/08/1878.