Personal Details

Name: CAWTHORNE, Michael
Convict Number(s): 4868
Year of Birth: 1821
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Cause of Death:

Arrival Details

Ship Arrived on: Lord Raglan
Ship Arrival Year: 1858

Tickets and Pardons

Ticket of Leave

Date: 01/02/1860

Conditional Pardon

Date: 30/08/1862
Location: Bunbury, WA.

Certificate of Freedom


British Details

Relationship Status: Married
Number of Children: 1
Occupation: Paper Maker, Travelling Hawker.
Literacy: Semi-Literate
Religion: Protestant
Place of Conviction: Newcastle-on-Tyne, England.
Details of Crime: Manslaughter. No Previous Conviction. Sentenced to 15 years Transportation.

Western Australia Work Details

Western Australia Work Locations: Australind, Fremantle, Perth.
Employment Types: Constable for Convict Working Parties, Cook.

Western Australian Re-Convictions


Details of Crime


Additional Information

16/12/1858 - Appointed Constable for a Working Party. 1860 - Worked as Cook for Marshall Waller CLIFTON at Australind. Employed up to 11 Ticket of Leave men at Rosamel Property between 1864 and 1872. Received Permission to leave Western Australia and arrived in Adelaide, South Australia on 20/12/1876. Refer Convict Biography by Irma WALTER published on Harvey History OnLine Website.